Globally the Building Automation System Market is expected to grow at the rate of more than 13% from 2016 to 2022. Now that convergence is upon us, network-connected devices like HVAC, occupancy and other building automation sensors are asking for power and low-speed data to be delivered to them. As a result, a new Ethernet protocol has been designed to operate over a single pair of UTP/STP cable – otherwise known as single-pair Ethernet. Although individually, these devices don’t call for much power or bandwidth, the sheer number joining our networks (75 billion or more by 2025) will increase overall bandwidth needs. In this panel discussion, we invite four manufacturers to address the emerging SPE technology and answer common questions. Panelists include Ronna Davis, CommScope; Frank Straka, Panduit; Andy Jimenez, Anixter; and Heath Stuart, Analog Devices.