Joining the Single Pair Ethernet Consortium

SPEC is a committee of TIA. It is a consortium of technology leaders committed to accelerating the adoption of next generation Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity using SPE Technologies. Participating in SPEC is an excellent way to stay current on the most pressing issues in the industry and to influence how end users and network designers perceive the benefits of SPE technology in building and industrial applications.

All TIA member companies are welcome to participate in SPEC and to attend meetings. If your company would like to participate in SPEC activities and benefit from the group’s marketing outreach activities, we ask that you contribute a marketing assessment to help fund the SPEC’s communications outreach. Typically, these efforts include developing content and maintaining our Web site, writing and disseminating White Papers, placing and writing articles in trade publications, placing speakers at industry conferences, and leveraging our members’ marketing messages.

Full Participant – $2,000

Members/$3,000 for Non-Members

Webinar Sponsorship: SPEC webinars allow member companies to conduct one webinar each calendar year, establishing member company speakers as experts in the industry and allowing them to reach their target audiences with educational and vendor neutral information. To receive contact information for registered attendees and polling data there is an additional $1,000 fee.

  • Webinars typically attract close to 1500 viewers (live and on-demand) and are highly rated by
  • Sponsoring companies can poll the audience with up to six multiple-choice questions, enabling them to conduct valuable market research during the event.
  • Sponsoring companies can post attachments that can be downloaded by webinar viewers.
  • Sponsoring companies can add up to three qualifying questions to the registration form.
  • Webinars are promoted to our email distribution list (8,500+ contacts), and by press releases
  • Sponsoring companies have direct access to the registration information and to coaching/preparation to enable your Web conference to be a success for an additional $1,000 fee.

White Paper exposure: Sponsoring Participants can post unlimited White Papers on the site.

  • There is no limitation on how long a White Paper can be posted.
  • White papers are promoted by press releases

New! Inclusion in Structured Cabling News. All member company news is posted daily to the news site

Bylined article opportunities: SPEC frequently places bylined opportunities in horizontal and vertical publications on structured cabling issues.

  • Many webinars can be turned into articles and placed.
  • For relevant industry topics, companies may work together on joint-bylined articles.

Speaker placement at industry trade shows and conferences.

  • SPEC is often approached by conference managers for speaking opportunities as our organization is viewed as an industry resource.
  • SPEC often presents pre-conference seminars at the Fall and Winter BICSI Conferences

Link on SPEC web site

Company press releases posted on SPEC site in NEWS section. Member News consistently is one of the most viewed portions of our Web site, ensuring more visibility for your product announcements.

Company name featured on marketing materials such as press releases, SPEC business cards, Cost Model, brochures, etc.

The ability to influence market perception of the deployment of fiber in premises applications by working with industry leaders to educate end users and designers, influence the development of standards and leverage the resources of TIA to help create market opportunities worldwide.

SPEC-Only Participation

TIA has developed a special membership arrangement for companies interested in participating only in the Single Pair Ethernet Consortium. This arrangement would serve the needs of those companies looking to participate in SPEC, as well as serve the interests of TIA’s current general members.

Contact Information

Any company interested in a SPEC membership should contact  Liz Goldsmith, Public Relations at (781) 259-8584 or