A strong collaboration to promote SPE technology


TIA’s Single Pair Ethernet Consortium (SPEC) will work with the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance to educate the global market about the benefits that Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology will bring to different applications. Through this collaboration, the two associations hope to accelerate market adoption of SPE technology and bring clarity and confidence to the market by harmonizing communications, education and global standards development.

SPE is generating a lot of interest among automotive, industrial and building automation applications because of its ability to cost effectively transmit power and data over a single pair of copper wires over distances as long as 1000 meters. SPE cabling’s small size, light weight and extended reach make it an ideal technology to support the billions of connected devices and sensors being installed to support Internet of Things (IoT) and building automation systems

“SPE technology is a potential game changer for Industry 4.0,” said Simon Seereiner chairman of the System Alliance. “To help with adoption, it’s important to define the technology ecosystem within the global market. Working with TIA SPEC our two organizations can present a unified message.”

“Standardization of OT and IoT is critical to obtaining widespread adoption,” said Ronna Davis, Chair of TIA SPEC. “By enabling the entire OT network to be supported by Ethernet and replacing disparate legacy protocols with a universal language, SPE lays the foundation for more functional and secure network. SPEC’s mission is to speed awareness of SPE technology, build ecosystem support, and provide the proof of concept and support that companies need to make the transition. Working in partnership with the SPE System Alliance will help us all accelerate the adoption of this transformative technology.”

 About the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

 The SPE System Alliance is an association of leading technology companies from various industries and application areas, who share a unified goal to combine their know-how in the field of SPE and exchange it in a strategic manner.  All partners support the common goal of promoting Single Pair Ethernet technology for IIoT and all other areas of application.