Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) was developed by IEEE as a foundational transmission technology. It is built to address multiple markets, such as transportation, process control, industrial machines, industrial and building automation control panels, and smart buildings. Single Pair Ethernet standards support various connector styles depending on the needs of the application. While this support provides a lot of design freedom, it can also be confusing and could reduce the rate of adoption as device manufacturers and users sift through their choices. As has been the case with two- and four-pair Ethernet systems, connector styles are chosen considering the challenges of their focused application. There are many different environments in these markets, but IP20 dominates the volume, as it makes up 84% of industrial Ethernet connections, according to a 2018 IHS Markit report. IP20 signifies the Ingress Protection rating, offering protection from solid objects greater than 12mm, where no liquid protection is required. The IEC 63171-1 (Type 1) connector is the best option for IP20 applications, offering device and design flexibility that provides multiple benefits to device vendors and end users. Read more.